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How to Scale Your Growth Process In 8 Weeks - Part 3

Estimated reading time: 9 minutes and 54 seconds

Remember Allen Iverson’s, “We talking ‘bout practice” rant? Iverson, irate at the gall of a reporter to question how his in-game performance may have resulted from lackluster effort in practice, sounded off, the jarring undercurrent asking, “Who cares about preparation so long as you execute when it counts?”

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Why In-Depth Analytics Are Easy for Everyone

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From the aqueducts to supercomputers to SpaceX, innovation creates a wave of new technology, suddenly available to the masses and exposing them to a foundation upon which to further iterate. The aqueducts made it possible to carry clean water long distances, which instigated the creation of storm water gutters, irrigation systems and, ultimately, indo

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How to Make Stuff Design-y

*Last week, our Head of Design wrote about why design is the secret sauce of a great startup. This week, our product developer (who has not just an eye for design but also a degree in it) tells us how to make all things "design-y." This presentation was originally a standout team-only Lunch 'N Learn. But we told him it was too good not to share. So, with the help of his girlfriend (who just so happens to be a professional voice actress), Andrew has turned it into a video that's both hilariously beautiful and refreshingly constructive:

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How to Scale Your Growth Process in 8 Weeks - Part 2

Estimated reading time: 5 minutes and 27 seconds

For those new to this blog series, I’m chronicling my first eight weeks at Astronomer as I build the growth model that will position us for Series A funding and beyond. I’m calling it The Beacon Project, because that’s my inspiration—to be an intentionally inconspicuous device that attracts Astronomer to the right customers, and vice versa. I believe we can do that by becoming a growth team that's focused on the right opportunities.

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Every Great Startup's Secret Sauce: Design

There’s a major trend happening in tech companies today: design teams are growing like mad. Whether you are in design, engineering or business development, this trend will likely affect you. At the very least, get used to seeing a lot more designers around the office. You’ll know us by our Adidas triple white NMDs or tiny Moleskine notebooks or lengthy conversations about fonts.

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How To Scale Your Growth Process in 8 Weeks

Estimated reading time: 4 minutes and 23 seconds

I had an epiphany during my morning commute last week (don’t you love it when that happens?): Our growth team should be a beacon, an intentionally inconspicuous device designed to attract attention to a specific location.

Aspirational, right? As usual, the hard part is setting out to actually do it. Only two short weeks ago, I joined Astronomer to scale our growth team. For newcomers to Astronomer, like me, it’s important to understand why what we’re tackling is so important, and therefore, why my mission feels personal.  

We’ve heard about big data ad nauseum—and we get it, data is everywhere and we need it to make better-directed decisions for our business (and life for that matter!). At the same time, there’s a ton of people like me: non-technical quant analysis folks who need a data infrastructure that’s scalable yet flexible and, most importantly, accessible. I am the future of your workforce. I—and so many like me—need Astronomer to grow.

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Data Wrangling 101: Using Python to Fetch, Manipulate & Visualize NBA Data


Last week, Viraj's article by this name was featured on the Yhat blog... Yhat makes data science [app]plicable for developers by allowing data scientists to programmatically employ R and Python models into production applications via REST API endpoints. The Yhat blog focuses on data science, machine learning and engineering. Check out the intro, which links to the full post on Yhat!

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To Tackle Big Data, We Got Together with Astronomer


Estimated reading time: 8 minutes and 58 seconds

*Quick editor's note: Mike Asem is a director at M25, one of Astronomer's investors. This post and all accompanying images were originally published by M25 on 04.04.17 and by Tech.Co on 04.05.17.

Data science is here, and it’s growing fast. No one’s questioning that. Which is core to our thesis behind one of our most recent investments, Astronomer. But it wasn’t too long ago that explaining the value of data science to folks wasn’t that easy.

Remote Working Guide: Reykjavik

Estimated reading time: 8 minutes and 34 seconds

One doesn’t traditionally think of Reykjavik as a place to do work, or at least I didn’t. But a few months ago, I read that the northern lights will get harder to see for the next decade, so immediately, that shot up to #1 on ol’ bucket list. Since Astronomer fully supports if not encourages remote working—so far, we have guides to Denver, Louisville and Nashville—Astronomer co-founder Tim Brunk and I decided to book a trip to Iceland. 

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Is Your Organization Insane?

Estimated time: 5 minutes and 20 seconds

Traditional astronomers know that you can look up at the sky with a naked eye and appreciate the stars. But you can look with a telescope and understand them and what they mean. Even among telescopes, though, vast differences exist for astronomers across a spectrum of beginners to amateurs to professionals.

Same thing with data. Most companies now collect data and use it in varying ways, whether that’s downloading CSV reports and manually combining them with other data sets or hiring a Chief Data Officer and team of data scientists. We like to think of that as a company’s data maturity across a spectrum, from “flying blind” to “insanity mode.”