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Introducing Apache Airflow 2.9

  • Kenten Danas

The Airflow 2.9 release brings significant enhancements to user-favorite features like data-aware scheduling, dynamic task mapping, and object storage.

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Introducing SnowPatrol - Snowflake Anomaly Detection and Cost Management with Machine Learning and Airflow

SnowPatrol is an open-source application for managing cloud costs that saved Astronomer almost 25% of its Snowflake spend. SnowPatrol offers a reference implementation for MLOps on Airflow to manage the training, testing, deployment, and monitoring of a predictive model of Snowflake spend. In this first post of a 3-part series, we introduce the application and how it was built on Airflow.

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Improving Ask Astro: The Journey to Enhanced Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) with Cohere Rerank, Part 4

Since its initial release, Ask Astro, Astronomer's chat assistant has been a popular tool for developers seeking answers about Apache Airflow. Though with additional usage came the need for a more refined document retrieval — here's how we took the AI chatbot to the next level by integrating Cohere Rerank and Hybrid Search from Weaviate into our existing system.

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