A Great Expectations Provider for Apache Airflow

We're pleased to announce an official integration that allows users to leverage Great Expectations natively in their DAGs.

Pete DeJoy

Introducing Airflow 2.0

A breakdown of the major features incorporated in Apache Airflow 2.0, including a refactored, highly-available Scheduler, over 30 UI/UX improvements, a new REST API and much more.

Paola Peraza Calderon

Crash Course: Remote Work for Parents

Self-help guide to working from home with kids.

Samantha Black

Introducing KEDA for Airflow

Using KEDA (Kubernetes Event-Driven Autoscaler), we've developed a robust method to scale Apache Airflow workers to be faster and more versatile than any previous architecture.

Daniel Imberman

Profiling the Airflow Scheduler

Ash explains how he's been benchmarking and profiling the Airflow scheduler using py-spy and Flame Graphs.

Ash Berlin-Taylor

Why Airflow?

Airflow continues to win due to an active and expanding community, and very deep, proven functionality.

Ry Walker

The Next Generation of Astronomer Cloud

A new release of Astronomer Cloud built to support our latest features and designed to be a first step towards multi-cloud and multi-region support.

Paola Peraza Calderon

Astronomer v0.10

Announcing v0.10 of the Astronomer platform.

Pete DeJoy

Announcing Astronomer v0.9

Release notes for v0.9 of the Astronomer Platform

Pete DeJoy

7 Common Errors to Check when Debugging Airflow DAGs

Tasks not running? DAG stuck? Logs nowhere to be found? We’ve been there. Here’s a list of common snags and some corresponding fixes to consider when you’re debugging your Airflow deployment.

Paola Peraza Calderon

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