Why Is My Data Playing Hard to Get?

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If you’ve read our blog before, you know that we talk a lot about everything industries (from healthcare to the NBA) can do with data properly structured and stored. But what kind of data are we talking about and why exactly is it so hard to access, organize, and store?

The truth is, there’s no single reason why large organizations fall into data disarray, because data is constantly flowing from every corner of their operations, and different sources carry with them different constraints. Some sources produce millions of data points every hour and require robust engineering operations just to control. Others are smaller but contain federally protected information that can carry severe penalties if accessed outside of very defined circumstances. Knowing the root causes of why your data is playing hard to get is the first step in understanding how to get your house in order.

We’ve identified 14 types of data that present enormous opportunity but are otherwise incredibly difficult to access because of their 1) inherent properties, 2) corruption from human interaction, or 3) manner of change.

Difficult by Inherent Property

Difficult by Human Interaction/Choice

Difficult by Process (Lost in Translation)

No matter why your data is difficult, once you understand the “game” it’s playing, it can’t hide from you. Contact us and we’ll help you identify the right steps to chase it down, organize it, and—ultimately—use it proactively to drive your business decisions.

*It’s worth noting that this scenario is purely hypothetical; we have no specific reason to think that Coke Zero people hate Diet Coke people. (But they probably do.)


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