Everything You Need to Know About the Airflow Summit 2021

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Key Takeaways

It’s expected that more than 10K software engineers, data scientists, business intelligence analysts, and DevOps engineers will virtually attend the Airflow Summit 2021 (July 8th-16th). The stats speak for themselves, with the almost doubled number of talk submissions this year, we’re excited to see how the Airflow Summit will play out this time!

The talks will cover best practices for Apache Airflow usage and deployment, use cases, integrations with Apache Airflow, and lessons learned from some of the biggest players in data.

Astronomer is the proud sponsor and co-organizer along with Google, Amazon, Databand, Apache Software Foundation, and others! The event is community-driven, promoting all the contributions, user stories, and non-code engagement. Striving for diversity, we’re happy to be a part of this great conference connecting data developers, data scientists, DevOps, and all the data-driven enthusiasts!

Agenda Sneak Peek

And that’s just the beginning! For more, check out the Airflow Summit agenda!

What Are the Top Reasons for Attending the Airflow Summit 2021?

Behind the Scenes

To give you a little taste of the event, we’ve asked our Team what are their expectations:

Kaxil Naik, Manager of Airflow Engineering at Astronomer, Airflow PMC member & Committer,  and a Member of the Airflow Summit Program Committee

This year we have a week-long event with three hours of content each day. It’s super user-friendly and we did it to provide the attendees with the best experience possible. The conference will be hosted by local meetups from different parts of the world: Bay Area, Warsaw, London, Bangalore, Tokyo, Melbourne, Tel-Aviv.

Ry Walker, Founder & CTO at Astronomer, Apache Airflow Committer and the Member of the Airflow Summit Sponsorship Committee

Airflow is at the center of many modern data platforms and that means it needs to work well with a lot of other tools. Hence our idea that the Airflow Summit 2021 should focus not only on Airflow but the whole ecosystem around it.

Ash Berlin-Taylor, Director of Airflow Engineering at Astronomer, Airflow PMC Member &  Committer

Last year I was blown away by just how big the summit was for the first time we ran it. It just shows the strength of the community. This year we want to make it as diverse as possible so if you feel like you want to speak at the event, reach out!

Kenten Danas - Field Engineer at Astronomer

Airflow Summit is unique because of the community behind it. I can’t think of another conference that has just such a huge base and such sort of a wide range of people using this tool in so many different ways. Seeing everybody coming together from all these different backgrounds is incredible. Every single week I hear a new use case for how Airflow is used in business. And that’s always a discovery! Different industries, different needs, different teams but all using Airflow daily.

Andrew Ettinger - Chief Revenue Officer at Astronomer.

The Airflow Summit is just an amazing global collection of thought leaders in the airflow industry that are practitioners, users, and representatives of the ecosystem, trying to drive advancements in the entire data engineering, data management, and data analytics life cycle.

To participate, listen, learn, and network with your peers across the globe to help drive data to new levels, join the next Airflow Summit edition!

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