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Introducing Support for the Kubernetes Executor on Astro, Now in Private Preview

We’re excited to announce that the Kubernetes (K8s) Executor is now available on Astro to customers in a Private Preview. A user can select the Kubernetes Executor in the Astro UI when creating a deployment.


Figure 1: Create a new Deployment and select the Kubernetes Executor from the dropdown in configuration.

While a Deployment will only use one executor at a time, a user can edit the Deployment’s executor via the Astro UI, and a Workspace or Cluster can have Deployments that run different Executors.


Figure 2: Edit an existing Deployment and switch to the Kubernetes Executor.

Some benefits of the K8s Executor include:

If you’re an existing customer and would like access to the Private Preview, get in touch with our team: If you’re not a customer and interested in learning more, schedule a demo.

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