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Astronomer makes it easy to deploy and manage Apache Airflow clusters, so you can get straight to writing workflows.

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Astronomer is the fastest, easiest, and most secure way to run Apache Airflow.

Multiple Airflow clusters, easily managed.

Deploy and manage multiple Airflow clusters and deployments, and decide who on your team should have access, all with just a few clicks or commands. We handle all the messy data engineering for you.

Grow with ease.

With Astronomer's serverless stack and simple resource controls, it's easy to scale your Airflow infrastructure to accomodate the growing needs of your business, and run as many Airflow clusters as you need.

Developer friendly by design.

Deploy Airflow DAGs with ease using Astronomer's custom CLI, and enhance the power of Airflow with our maintained library of Python Plugins for Airflow.

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Scale to zero.

When you're not running jobs, your workers should scale to absolutely nothing, saving you tons of $$$. Thanks to the power of Kubernetes on Astronomer, you'll never throw resources at clusters without active jobs.

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View Airflow logs, real time.

Astronomer delivers Airflow's webserver and scheduler logs directly into your UI, effortlessly. With full-text search and filtering, you'll never waste time digging through log files ever again.

Let's go to the moon.

SpaceCamp is our custom-tailored, onsite Airflow training and onboarding program for organizations looking to unleash the full power of Apache Airflow.

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