Announcing The Airflow Podcast

  • Pete DeJoy
  • Viraj Parekh

Creating a podcast focused on exploring the intricacies, capabilities, and future potential of Apache Airflow has long been a dream of ours at Astronomer. We’re proud to announce that, today, that dream becomes a reality.

For the past six months, we’ve spent time interviewing various players in the data engineering space; from Airflow’s top contributors to other data engineers in the space, we tried to leave no stone unturned in our quest to capture the open-source community’s knowledge of Airflow.

This eight-episode saga will cover the details of Airflow’s origins, use cases, best practices, competitors, pain points, and future direction. You’ll hear from some extremely interesting people, including Maxime Beauchemin (Creator of Airflow), Bolke de Bruin (Head of Advanced Analytics technology at ING), Maksime Pecherskiy (CDO of San Diego), Erik Bernhardsson (Creator of Luigi and CTO of Better Mortgage), Patrick Atwater (Water Data Project Manager at ARGO labs), Scott Halgrim (Data Engineer at Zapier), Chris Riccomini (Principal Software Engineer at wePay), and Frank Hsu (Data Engineer at We also got to pick the brains of some of our very own Airflow gurus here at Astronomer, including Ry Walker (CEO) and Greg Neiheisel (CTO). The list continues to grow every week as more and more people let us know that they have ideas to contribute- if you’d like to be featured as a guest, drop me a note at!

You’ll notice that this group brings a particularly diverse perspective- from startup corporate, data engineer to CTO, we’ve determined Airflow to be an extremely flexible and universal tool for ETL. Furthermore, since it’s completely open-source, teams are building upon it to do some very different things.

We’ll be releasing episodes every other week, with transcripts released as blog posts in our off weeks. Check us out on Soundcloud, iTunes, Overcast, or another podcast app of your choice. We hope you enjoy!

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