Simplify transformations with dbt in Apache Airflow

Orchestrate your dbt projects in Airflow with 10 lines of code.


Quick Demo of Cosmos

Cosmos is the easiest and most powerful way to integrate dbt + Airflow

Cosmos on OSS Airflow

  • Gain complete visibility into your dbt project in Airflow

  • Run your dbt projects against Airflow connections instead of dbt profiles

  • Get started with 1 command and ~10 lines of code

  • Leverage native Airflow functionality like data-aware scheduling, connections, retries, alerts, datasets, observability + lineage

Cosmos on Astro

Everything in OSS Airflow Plus:

  • Collect data lineage automatically

  • Manage Python dependency conflicts with Docker

  • Deploy quickly with DAG-based deploys

  • Set up alerting for task failures or against time-based SLAs

  • Use the Astro CLI for seamless local development

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