How to Manage Secrets in Apache Airflow 2.0

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What Are Airflow Secrets?

Secrets are sensitive information that are used as part of your DAG.

Types of Secrets:

To get started check out our webinar below on the best practices for Secrets Management in Airflow 2.0. You can also use these example DAGs from the webinar.

Where Are All the Secrets?

Environment variables

Airflow Metastore DB






Alternative Secrets Backend

Airflow was designed to orchestrate and connect to everything needed for pipelines. So why should your Secrets be any different to Airflow?

GCP Workload Identity & AWS IAM Roles

IAM Integration allows you to connect to cloud resources implicitly with Service Accounts.


So Where Should Secrets Be Kept?

Best Practices

This repo contains an example DAG and configurations that were used in an Astronomer webinar on Secrets Management with Airflow 2.0.

The easiest way to get started with Apache Airflow 2.0 is by using the Astronomer CLI. To make it easy you can get up and running with Airflow by following our Quickstart Guide.

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