No Matter Where You are on Your Apache Airflow Journey, Astronomer Helps You Take the Next Step

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Your Data Team

Astro Runtime, Engineered for the Cloud

  • Reduce task latency with optimized configuration and auto-scaling
  • Run your Airflow pipelines with immediate access to the latest features
  • Cut infrastructure consumption for long-running tasks
  • Monitor infrastructure resources at the task-level, identifying bottlenecks before they become problems
  • Upgrade Airflow in-place, within minutes

An Integrated, Managed Platform

  • Keep orchestration close to your data with a single-tenant data plane in your cloud
  • Remove DevOps overhead with a fully-managed solution
  • Spend less time on security hardening with accelerated vulnerability fixes
  • Authorize users with role-based access controls and single sign-on
  • Connect securely to your secrets and data services in your network

Productivity for the Entire Data Team

  • Spin up isolated environments in less than a minute with push-button deployments
  • Develop locally and deploy seamlessly in CI/CD with AstroCLI
  • Build with Python and SQL-native pipeline building blocks

Complete Visibility into Your Data Universe

  • Visualize activity and dependencies across pipelines and environments
  • Collect lineage metadata automatically through integrated OpenLineage
  • Monitor data quality events
  • Explore lineage and history of datasets over time

Start in Less than an Hour, Scale to Millions of Task Runs

We’ve baked our experience working with some of the world’s largest organizations into every corner of the Astro experience. When you’re just starting out, you’ll move faster. And when you’re ready to scale to many teams, Astro removes the boundaries of a distributed data ecosystem — all backed by technical support and services from the leading committers to Apache Airflow.

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