Apache Airflow

Astro is a unified data platform built on Apache Airflow that ensures data is delivered on time, securely, and accurately.

Keep Critical Applications Running

We redesigned Apache Airflow on an elastic infrastructure with our proprietary Astro Hypervisor to meet any scalability and availability demands across your data pipelines.

Elastic Scalability

Meet any data demands with elastic scaling of deployments and the clusters they're hosted on.

High Availability

Minimize downtime and business disruption with queue-based task execution with dedicated machine types for greater reliability and efficient use of your compute resources.

Unify Data Across Clouds, Teams, and Deployments

A central hub for your data operations that spans clouds, teams, deployments, and 1500+ integrations.

Cross-Deployment Visibility and Health

Oversee and manage DAGs, metadata, and issues across deployments from a central dashboard. Mitigate operational challenges and enable efficient monitoring.

Data-Centric Alerting

SLAs that actually work. Out-of-the-box alerting offers enhanced customizable alerts without any additional setup to configure. Ensure timely notification through Slack or PagerDuty to take proactive action.

Connect Everything

Seamlessly integrate your data ecosystem with over 1500 integrations.

Accelerate Development

Astro’s suite of developer tools allows any engineer to get their pipelines into production faster.

No Airflow Experience? No Problem

The Cloud IDE provides an easy to use interface to write Airflow pipelines in SQL or vanilla Python while maintaining governance and promoting collaboration.

Complete Local Development Experience

Designed for Airflow engineers, the Astro CLI enables your team to install, run, and test Airflow from your command line in under five minutes.

Branch-Based Deployments

Spin up isolated environments to run and test your DAGs. Seamless code promotion from source control unlocks faster dev cycles and secure SDLC for more advanced users.

Ensure Data Privacy

The only managed Airflow service suitable for customers requiring high levels of data security and protection.

Enterprise Single Sign-On

Unified permission model across Airflow deployments, integrated with your enterprise identity provider.

Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

Granular, role-based convenience across workspaces, teams, and deployments.

VPC Connectivity

Peer directly and securely with your private networks.

Environment Isolation

Ensure your data is always fully isolated.

Supercharge Data Flows with a Complete Suite of Tools

We’ve created an incredibly powerful and rich feature set to easily and reliably deliver your most data-centric use cases.

Astro CLI

Install, run, and test Airflow from your command line in under five minutes.

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Branch-Based Deploys

Create isolated development environments to run, test, and deploy your DAGs.

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Cloud IDE

Easily define tasks, pipelines, and connections without any Airflow knowledge with Python or SQL.

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Cross Deployment Visibility + Health

Gain visibility of your DAGs and metadata across deployments.

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Data-centric Alerting

Get instant notifications upon SLA breaches, avoiding the need to wait for tasks or DAGs to fail.

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In-Place Upgrades

Update to the latest Airflow version without costly downtime or a lengthy migration process.

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Deployment Rollbacks

Roll back your Airflow deployments on Astro to any prior code deploy.

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Run your dbt project as an Airflow task group and get full visibility into every task.

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Discover over 1500 integrations and DAG templates to accelerate workflow development.

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Connection Management

Set up Airflow connections in one central location with our out-of-the-box, native solution.

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Scale to Zero Deployment

Schedule zero-cost downtime for development deployment savings.

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Dynamic Workers

Automatically adjust the number of worker nodes based on workload fluctuations.

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Return on investment


Increase compute efficiency


Decrease in task scheduling delays


Reduction in time to develop, test, and deploy new pipelines

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