Airflow Made Easy.

Astro is the best managed service in the market for teams on any step of their data journey. Spend time where it counts.

Managed Airflow

A cloud service your team can rely on.

At scale.

  • Create Airflow environments with a click of a button.

  • Protect production DAGs with easy Airflow upgrades and custom high-availability configs.

  • Get visibility into what’s running with analytics views and easy interfaces for logs and alerts. Across environments.

If you’re looking to deliver Airflow to your team, count on Astro for an out-of-the-box, multi-tenant service that helps you manage users, create governance policies, and ensure your team follows SDLC best practices. All with our compliance-backed service that protects your most critical DAGs.

Developer Experience

Data engineers need an easy path from idea to production.

So we built it.

  • Get everything in Airflow out-of-the-box with full access to the features and configurability you need.

  • Promote CI/CD best practices with an easy local-to-production story with built-in testing.

  • A reimagined DAG writing experience with in-product notebooks that makes Airflow easy.

It’s not just the data engineers on your team that have to write DAGs. The developer experience in Astro will delight everyone on your data team, and is only getting better.

Airflow Experts

Built by the top Airflow committers.

For your team, that matters.

  • Same-day support for new versions of Apache Airflow and early access to high priority bugs and requests.

  • Guaranteed committer-backed responses from the world’s best data engineers on every support ticket.

  • The opportunity to engage our professional services team, trained to help you migrate to Airflow and uplevel your team

We’re a team of data engineers with open source in our DNA. That means you’ll get the support, services, and help from people who understand your goals.

Astro for Every Industry

Financial Services

Modernize critical components of the data stack and maintain precise, real-time data performance at high and flexible volumes.


Trace transactions across systems, regions and apps, and maintain high data reliability for mission-critical pipelines - from customer to supply chain.


Power analytics, personalized dashboards, data APIs, and more to deliver valuable insights and excellent customer experience.

More Than Just Airflow

DAGs Made Easy. All Open Source.

You don’t have to buy Astro to use Airflow with Astronomer.

Astro CLI

Install, run, and test Airflow from your command line in under five minutes with a tool that’s open source and built for data practitioners everywhere.

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dbt and Airflow are better together. Run your dbt project as an Airflow task group and get full visibility into every single dbt task with the industry's leading tool for data transformations.

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Easily discover and access the integrations you need with Astronomer-backed building blocks that let you tap into Airflow’s ecosystem and accelerate workflow development.

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Astro SDK

Astro SDK allows rapid and clean development of {Extract, Load, Transform} workflows using Python and SQL, powered by Apache Airflow.

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