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About the Podcast

Welcome to The Data Flowcast: Mastering Airflow for Data Engineering & AI — the podcast where we keep you up to date with insights and ideas propelling the Airflow community forward.

Join us each week, as we explore the current state, future and potential of Airflow with leading thinkers in the community, and discover how best to leverage this workflow management system to meet the ever-evolving needs of data engineering and AI ecosystems.

The Data Flowcast by Astronomer

Meet Your Hosts

Kenten Danas

Kenten Danas, a data engineer by training, leads the Developer Relations team at Astronomer.

Her team conducts workshops and webinars, creates comprehensive guides and blog posts, and develops various resources aimed at assisting individuals in effectively utilizing Apache Airflow® for their data workflows.

When she isn't helping people get the most out of their Airflow experience, she's typically outside trail running or skiing.

Kenten Danas

Marc Lamberti

Marc Lamberti

As the Head of Customer Education at Astronomer, Marc Lamberti spearheads educational initiatives.

With a track record as a Best Selling Instructor on Udemy, Marc leverages his expertise as a data engineer to educate the Airflow Community on optimal strategies for maximizing the workflow management system's potential.


What to expect in show format and questions?

Engaging conversations with leading minds in the Airflow space, providing actionable insights and valuable perspectives for daily use and application.

Who is the audience of the show?

Individuals and companies interested in and using Airflow — managers, team leads and practitioners.

How long is each episode?

Your recording session will be 30 minutes long so that we have adequate time for tech checks & topic alignment before recording.

The final episode will be ~20-30 minutes long.

Is the show audio or video?

The show is primarily audio, although we do record video when possible for YouTube and social media clips. It would be great to have you on camera, if possible. If not, no worries, and we can focus on only recording audio.

How to prepare for your interview:
  1. Use your computer - Please use your computer for recording, not your phone. This will ensure we have the best quality possible.
  2. Google Chrome is preferred - If possible, please have Google Chrome open during the interview. This enables us to record an audio backup of the interview. If you don’t have Google Chrome, it’s okay, but it’s preferred.
  3. Remove distractions - Please be in a quiet area where you will not be disturbed, and silence all notifications on your computer and mobile device.
  4. Audio quality - Please use the best microphone you have available. If you do not have a microphone then use, at minimum, a pair of earbuds or a headset. This ensures the best audio quality for the listener.
  5. Raise your webcam to eye level (you can stack your computer on top of books if needed).
  6. Ensure that the light is in front of you and not behind you. If you have a window, set your computer with the window behind your computer screen so there is adequate light on your face.
How will this be recorded?

We will record your interview via Zoom. Please make sure to have Zoom installed on your computer prior to the interview.

Where is the podcast hosted?

The podcast is hosted on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube and all other major podcast directories.

What is the time commitment & process?

To get involved with an episode, a guest should expect:

  • Podcast briefing - with the support of our podcast team, we create a “podcast brief” of proposed questions and talking points for the episode.
  • 30-minute kickoff call - to discuss topics and refine the podcast outline.
  • Asynchronous time - to review and approve talking points.
  • 30-minute recording session - 60-minute session to record the final episode. The final run time will be ~30 minutes.
  • Asynchronous time - to share and promote the episode once it’s live.
What will I receive after the episode goes live?

After the episode goes live, you will receive social media assets that may include social videos, audiograms or quote blocks. You’re strongly encouraged to share these on your social platforms.

When will the episode go live?

An episode will typically be published 30–90 days from the date of recording, depending on the number of episodes we have in the pipeline.

What are the expectations for promotion?

We will deliver social assets to every participant of the episode. We ask that you please share these on your primary social channels.

Co-marketing opportunities

Our team would love the opportunity to partner with your marketing department to co-promote the episode. We typically collaborate in the following ways:

  1. Our team can create a written article based on the podcast episode that lives on your company’s site. Our team will handle content development, and we can co-create it to match the tone of the corporate blog.
  2. We can provide social media content to help you promote the episode from your company’s corporate LinkedIn to expand reach and drive awareness.
  3. If you have a podcast or webinar series at your company, we would be happy to have a member of our Astronomer team appear as a guest.

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