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Virtual Meetup
Lisbon Airflow Meetup with NOS and DareData DareData Engineering, NOS and Astronomer are organizing the first ever Airflow Meetup in Portugal! Join us at NOS offices for an awesome evening of networking, presentations, and delicious food and drinks!
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Virtual Virtual
Cosmos Community Session Do you have experience using dbt and Airflow? Would you like to attend a session with Cosmos Developers to learn more about the 1.4 release and provide feedback on the future roadmap? Come and join us!
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Driving Next-Gen AI Applications with AWS and Astronomer Artificial Intelligence is shaping how modern organizations make decisions, drive critical business outcomes, and support their customers and stakeholders. Join us for this webinar where resident AI/ML experts from AWS and Astronomer will explore the requirements and best practices that are key to the success of getting AI into production.
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Conf42 Machine Learning: A GenAI Pipeline for Content Generation with Apache Airflow Get a tour through the code of an end-to-end GenAI Airflow pipeline, using custom information in an RAG pattern and fine-tuning GPT-3.5 Turbo for your content generation use case. The pipeline code is open-source and will be provided to you.
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Virtual virtual
Airflow Monthly Town-Hall Join Airflow committers and enthusiasts for our Monthly Town Hall! Learn what's on the roadmap, hear other's use cases, and see what's been happening in the global community!
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June 6, 2024 | Booth # 2126 A | Moscone Center, San Francisco EVENT
Meet with Astronomer on Dev Day! Join us at Snowflake Dev Day and meet with Astronomer to explore cutting-edge solutions that will transform the way you manage and utilize Snowflake.
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June 10 - 13, 2024 | Booth # e2 | Moscone Center, San Francisco events
Join Astronomer at DATA+AI Summit 2024 Connect with your peers and enjoy over 500 sessions covering everything from data warehousing, governance and the latest in generative AI, here are some of the highlights.
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Virtual webinars
How Grindr uses Airflow to monitor and optimize Snowflake usage In this webinar, Matt Shancer, Staff Data Engineer at Grindr, will discuss how they implemented their Snowflake monitoring solution using Astronomer.
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Westin St. Francis, San Francisco events
Join Astronomer at Airflow Summit 2024 Celebrate 10 years of Apache Airflow at this year’s Summit. Connect with peers, dive deeper into the Airflow community, and envision the future of workflow orchestration.
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