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The driving force behind Apache Airflow.

Astronomer is the driving force behind Apache Airflow™, the de facto standard for expressing data flows as code.

Airflow is downloaded more than 12 million times each month and is used by hundreds of thousands of teams around the world. For data teams looking to increase the availability of trusted data, Astronomer provides Astro, the modern data orchestration platform, powered by Airflow. Astro enables data engineers, data scientists, and data analysts to build, run, and observe pipelines-as-code.

Our Team

Astronomer is a global remote-first company with teams around the world and offices in Cincinnati, Ohio; New York; San Francisco; and San Jose, Calif. Customers in more than 35 countries trust Astronomer as their partner for data orchestration.

Our Values

Our core values guide every decision we make, setting the foundation for how we support and engage with our employees, customers, communities, and partners.


We're humans first. We seek to understand why people do what they do and believe that innovation comes from human-centric questions, discoveries, and decisions. We act with compassion and build trust by owning our impact on the people and systems around us.


We welcome diverse perspectives and value our differences. We're intentional about cultivating a respectful and welcoming environment with no ceiling on opportunity. Collaboration is our superpower.


We're a multi-disciplined team that’s focused on execution but nimble enough to adapt as the needs of our company, industry, and world evolve. We see change as opportunity.


We are energetic problem-solvers. We roll up our sleeves and figure it out as we go, navigating ambiguity with resilience. We’re powered by a shared sense of purpose and commitment to delivering excellence.


We’re humble learners with deep curiosity about the world, technology, and each other. We're active listeners and questioners, skilled at breaking down complex problems and making sense of them. We're unafraid to challenge the past and present, and are driven in the pursuit of truth and continuous improvement.


Openness is at the core of everything we do. We disrupt knowledge silos and seek feedback early and often. We take pride in contributing our work to the open-source community and owning our role as educators.

Work at Astronomer

Build the Future of Workflow Orchestration

As a member of our team, you will be at the forefront of the industry as we strive to make Apache Airflow the de-facto standard in data orchestration.

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Our Awards

We’re excited about what we’ve accomplished so far but we’re more excited about what comes next.

G2Crowd Winter 2023 Platform Leader
Top 50 IT Infrastructure Products G2 Crowd 2023
G2Crowd Spring 2023 Leader

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