Simple Pricing At Any Scale

Astronomer Cloud

$0.137 / hr

Per 10 AU

    Fully Managed Airflow

    Control your Resource Allocation

    Choose your Executor

Astronomer Units (AU)

Based on cpu and memory used

10 AU = 1 CPU, 3.75 GB memory

Astronomer Enterprise

Private deployment of the Astronomer platform to run, monitor and scale Apache Airflow clusters on your Kubernetes.

Deploy to any Kubernetes — AWS (EKS), Google Cloud (GKE) or on-prem

Annual license for predictable pricing

Premium support and full-stack monitoring and alerting

Default AU Configuration

All of your resource allocation is customizable, but see below for some common defaults.
Platform Defaults

Every deployment you spin up on Astronomer comes with PgBouncer and StatsD out of the box. These are required to run a deployment and cannot be changed.

8 AU
Local Executor

Run your jobs on in a single-node environment using your local machine. Ideal for smaller DAGs and testing environments.

+7 AU
Celery Executor

Run your jobs in a multi-tenant environment. Maintain full control over worker size, worker count, and termination grace period. This includes Redis and a Flower Dashboard to monitor your Celery workers.

+17 AU
Apache Airflow
Astronomer Cloud
Astronomer Enterprise
Apache Airflow
Flexible, resilient, dynamic, scalable workflow management platform.




Astronomer Command Center
UI, API, CLI to create and monitor Airflow clusters.



Local testing
Test your production environment locally with Docker Compose.



Easy code deployment
Deploy your DAGs via our CLI or automate with CI/CD.



Managed Service
Focus on using Airflow, not running data infrastructure.


Private Installation
Deploy Astronomer to your Kubernetes environment.


System-wide Prometheus, AlertManager, and Grafana monitoring.


Enterprise Authentication
Authenticate with Google, SAML, Active Directory, Office 365, others.


Enterprise-level SLA support to keep your DAGs running.



Astronomer Support

Focus on running your DAGs. Let us handle the deployment issues.
Standard Support

Standard email support during business days, with full access to Astronomer knowledge base.

Premium Support

Shared Slack channel for real-time communication, including general Airflow + DAG writing best practice guidance.

$349 / mo
Enterprise Support

Premium support with 24x7 business critical response time. Includes direct access to top tier data engineers.

Looking For Clickstream?

Astronomer Clickstream is now MetaRouter. It's the same Clickstream product you know and love, just with a new name!