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The fully-managed platform to take Apache Airflow to the next level.
Available on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.



For developers and data teams that are getting started. Pay-as-you-go starting at $0.35/hr.

  • Flexible, scale-to-zero compute
  • API Access
  • 14-day free trial including $300 credit
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For teams with pipelines in production that require Airflow support.

  • Everything in Developer
  • Network Isolation
  • Audit Logging
  • 24 x 5 Support Availability
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For teams leveraging Airflow for mission-critical pipelines that require 24x7 support.

  • Everything in Team
  • SSO Enforcement
  • CI/CD Enforcement
  • 24 x 7 Support Availability
  • 1hr Response Time SLA
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For platform teams managing Airflow and data teams that require additional security and governance.

  • Everything in Business
  • SCIM Provisioning
  • Custom RBAC
  • Organization Dashboards
  • Dedicated success manager and solutions architect
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Questions about pricing?

Talk to a product specialist about features, product tiers, and environment sizing.

Plan Features





Security & Governance

Google/Github IdP Auth

Standard Private Networking

PrivateLink, VPC Peering, Transit Gateway, etc.

SAML-based SSO

Audit Logging (Astro + Airflow)

7 days retention 90 days retention 90 days retention

Non-Owner Roles

Dedicated Cluster

CI/CD Enforcement

SSO Enforcement

Astro Teams/Groups

HIPAA / PII BAA Agreement

Workspace Authorization for Clusters

Custom RBAC Roles

Advanced Private Networking

(Site-to-Site VPN)

Scale & Operational Efficiency

Hibernating Deployments

Astro API Access

Airflow API Access

Connection Management


Deploy Rollbacks

Metrics Forwarding

Log Forwarding

SCIM Provisioning

Org-level Dashboards

Support & Success

Support Availability

Not Included 24x5 Availability 24x7 Availability 24x7 Availability

SLA Response for P1 Tickets

6 Hour Initial Response SLA (P1) 1 Hour Initial Response SLA (P1) 1 Hour Initial Response SLA (P1)


First 30 Days First 30 Days Unlimited

Office Hours

First Come / First Serve First Come / First Serve Priority Scheduling

Customer Success Manager


RSA Guidance


Quarterly Roadmap

Webinar Webinar Webinar Session with RSA

Quarterly Health Check

Digital Report Digital Report Digital Report Session with RSA


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Straightforward Pricing

Astro offers transparent pricing tailored to your team’s needs. All product tiers use the same dimensions of our usage-based pricing model: your Airflow cluster, deployment sizing, and worker compute. Networking costs are passed through from the cloud provider.

Cluster Pricing

Configure your cluster type based on networking and security needs.

StandardIncluded on all Plans
DedicatedStarts at $2.40 per/hour on Team

Deployment Pricing

Easy to create, easy to delete, easy to pay for.

Deployment SizeResourcesDeveloper Plan Price
Small1 vCPU, 2 GiB memory$0.35 per/hour
Small High Availability2 vCPU, 4 GiB memory$0.70 per/hour
Medium2 vCPU, 4 GiB memory$0.57 per/hour
Medium High Availability4 vCPU, 8 GiB memory$1.14 per/hour
Large4 vCPU, 8 GiB memory$0.77 per/hour
Large High Availability8 vCPU, 16 GiB memory$1.54 per/hour

Worker Pricing

Astro offers the largest worker compute options in the managed Airflow market by 8x.
You only pay for workers when you need them.

Worker SizeResourcesDeveloper Plan Price
A51 vCPU, 2 GiB memory$0.13 per/hour
A102 vCPU, 4 GiB memory$0.26 per/hour
A204 vCPU, 8 GiB memory$0.52 per/hour
A408 vCPU, 16 GiB memory$1.04 per/hour
A6012 vCPU, 24 GiB memory$1.56 per/hour
A12024 vCPU, 48 GiB memory$3.12 per/hour
A16032 vCPU, 64 GiB memory$4.16 per/hour
Note: Need a larger worker? We support larger sizes upon request. You can also choose to use the Kubernetes Executor to run a task of any size.


What if I need to run individual tasks on bigger workers?

You might have a large number of tasks that require low amounts of CPU and memory, but a small number of tasks that are resource intensive — e.g., machine learning tasks.

To address this use case, we recommend using worker queues. Worker queues allow you to configure different groups of workers for different groups of tasks. That way, you’ll only be charged for the larger worker type if and when a task that requires that worker type actually runs.

Specifically, you can:

  • Create a default queue with a small worker type. For example, A5.
  • Create a second queue called large-task with a larger worker type. For example, A10.
  • Set the Minimum Worker Count for the large-task queue to 0 if your resource-intensive tasks run infrequently.
  • In your DAG, assign the larger task to the “large-task” queue.

To learn more about worker queues, see Worker queues in Astronomer documentation.

What if I need additional ephemeral storage for workers?

All Astro workers include an amount of ephemeral storage by default: 10 GiB of for Celery workers, and 5 GiB for Kubenetes Executor and Kubernetes Pod Operator workers. You can configure additional ephemeral storage at a rate of $0.0002 per GiB per/hour.

How will I be charged for the Kubernetes Executor and Kubernetes Pod Operator?

In Airflow, the Kubernetes Executor and the KubernetesPodOperator allow you to run a single task in an isolated Kubernetes Pod. Astro measures the total amount of CPU and Memory that you request in your DAG for any tasks that run with the Kubernetes Executor or the KubernetesPodOperator.

To calculate cost, you will be billed for the total number of A5 workers that are needed to execute that total requested. One A5 worker corresponds to 1 CPU and 2 GiB Memory.

For example:

  • If you request 10 CPU cores and 20 GiB memory for 1 task, you will be billed for 10 A5s for the duration of that task run, down to the second.
  • If you have 5 concurrent tasks that each request 2 CPU and 4 GiB memory, that is a total of 10 CPU cores and 20 GiB memory. You will be billed for 10 A5 hours.

We round up to the nearest A5 worker type. If your total request totals 0.5 CPU cores and 1 GiB, we will bill you for 1 complete hour of usage for an A5 worker.

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