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Learn Apache Airflow® from Astronomer, the commercial developer of the Apache Airflow® project.

Being certified for Apache Airflow®, which is an integral technology used by many companies, can help boost your career. Airflow has quickly become one of the most in-demand skills in the job market.

3,000+ exams registrations

3,000+ preparation course registrations

700+ Airflow certifications issued (and growing!)

Becoming Apache Airflow® Certified

We talked with Marc Lamberti – Head of Customer Training at Astronomer and creator of the Astronomer Certification for Apache Airflow® Fundamentals. He wants to help data engineers get started with Airflow as easily and smoothly as possible and make sure they have everything they need to implement Airflow in their organizations.

What is the goal for the Astronomer Certification for Apache Airflow® Fundamentals?

The goal of the course and exam is for engineers to be able to show that they have the ability to create functional data pipelines; they know how to get started with Airflow, how to run a data pipeline, run different tasks and monitor them. It gives you the fundamental knowledge to be able to move forward in your Apache Airflow® career and proves to companies that you are able to jump on Airflow right away.

What are the key benefits of the certification?

First of all, it’s a great way to assess and evaluate your skills, to know where you are at. Secondly, it will help you refresh your knowledge of Airflow, go back to some fundamentals you might have missed or forgotten about. And lastly, the certification can help you show the companies that you are able to use Airflow on a daily basis – it’s the ultimate proof of your skills.

Who should take the preparation course?

I recommend the certification for Airflow users who have been using the tool for at least 3-4 months, and are looking to prove and enhance their basic knowledge and skills of the project. However, the preparation course is not only designed for passing the certification but also for people who are entirely new to Apache Airflow®. Therefore, if you’re a beginner and want to learn how to get started with Airflow in only 3 hours—the prep course is for you.

What are some frequently asked questions about the certification?

Usually, people are worried about whether they know enough to pass the certification and you might be asking the same question. Let me tell you, there’s everything you need in the Apache Airflow® preparation course. I made it with engineers like you in mind. Also, people ask if they can retry taking the certification if they fail the first time. Luckily for them, they can retake the exam after one month for free. And finally, they ask when the next certification will come. For now, I can only say we’re working on it, so stay tuned.

Why did Astronomer create a certification for Apache Airflow®?

In the tech industry, it’s pretty common to have a certification for the tools, such as Kafka or Spark. Before the Astronomer Certification for Apache Airflow® Fundamentals, there was nothing available for Airflow of this kind. Together with the members of the OSS community such as PMC members and committers, we tried to fill that gap for Airflow engineers.

How many people have signed up for the certification and passed the exam so far?

So far more than 3,000 people have signed up for the certification exam, and almost the same number signed up for the preparation course. More than 700 people have successfully passed the exam. The required score is quite demanding (80%) but we feel it’s a perfect balance of challenging and easy, as it brings great value to those who complete the exam.

What has been the general feedback so far?

I’ve received great feedback so far. Most of the people are very happy with the exam and the preparation course which in their mind provides all the necessary information. Some are surprised by certain tricky questions, but overall I’ve been getting very nice messages. People are very eager to share their certification badge on LinkedIn and I can’t wait to see yours too 😊

Right now Airflow is a hot topic and companies are adopting it at a great pace. This is why, if you’re an Airflow engineer it’s important to get certified to show them that you can use it. Apache Airflow®, after all, is a central piece in a great deal of data stacks.

Learn more about Astronomer’s Airflow Certifications and sign up here.

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