Astro by Astronomer Delivered 438% ROI: Insights from a Forrester TEI Study

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Imagine this scenario: Your core business applications frequently experience downtime, with Airflow instances crashing and lacking audit trails for debugging data pipelines. Key personnel are often tied up in manual Airflow management processes, diverting their focus from high-value work. This results in unstable services, lost revenue, and dissatisfied employees and customers.

What’s the root cause of these problems? It often boils down to the lack of effective data orchestration and data delivery.

Enter Astro by Astronomer—a solution designed to address these challenges by simplifying Apache Airflow management and streamlining your data operations.

Now, picture a world where these challenges become a thing of the past. Data pipelines flow seamlessly, downtime becomes rare, and your teams are free to innovate and build applications.

With technology options abound, relying solely on anecdotes isn’t enough to guide your organization toward the right technology investment. You need concrete data to ensure that your tech stack delivers a substantial ROI. That’s why we commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study to provide a comprehensive analysis of Astro’s impact on enterprises. 

Spoiler alert: The impact is indeed significant.

In this blog post, we explore the findings of this study.

The Total Economic Impact and ROI of Astro

Forrester engaged in in-depth discussions with four customers, each with hands-on experience, to uncover insights into their journey and the impact Astro has had on their organizations. The results were aggregated and combined to form a single composite organization.

Key outcomes included:

438% ROI Within Six Months

This significant ROI demonstrates to us the immediate and tangible benefits that Astro brings to organizations, setting them on a path of profitability and efficiency.

70% Reduced Critical Services Downtime

Astro’s automation and comprehensive visibility significantly reduced critical services downtime, ensuring uninterrupted operations.

92% Faster Issue Resolution

Astro’s capabilities, including full data traceability and simplified debugging, led to remarkably faster resolution of non-critical Airflow issues, saving valuable time and resources.

7 Days Accelerated Speed-To-Market and Time to Scale by 7 Days

Astro streamlines development processes with faster feedback loops and scalable code writing, allowing for faster iteration and enhancing speed-to-market and scalability for new services.

45% Reduced Airflow Cloud Computing Infrastructure Costs

Efficient resource utilization, especially in cloud-based environments, reduces infrastructure costs. Astro optimizes infrastructure usage, preventing unnecessary expenses.

75% Less Infrastructure Management

Astro’s automation reduces the labor-intensive process of managing Airflow infrastructure, freeing up teams for strategic initiatives.

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To learn more about the quantified and unquantified benefits that Astro delivered for the composite organization, download the Forrester Consulting 2024 Total Economic Impact study of Astro.

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