Announcing "The Data Flowcast" by Astronomer: Your Gateway to Mastering Airflow

  • Briana Okyere

We are thrilled to relaunch our podcast, now titled “The Data Flowcast: Mastering Airflow for Data Engineering & AI.” This podcast is specially designed for the Apache Airflow community and aims to share invaluable insights, useful tips, and engaging discussions about the current and future trends of Airflow.

Meet the Hosts

Kenten Danas, a seasoned data engineer and leader of the Developer Relations team at Astronomer, will bring her expertise and passion for Airflow to every episode. Many of you may recognize Kenten from her educational webinars on all things Airflow, and she’s looking forward to applying her deep knowledge to this new medium.

Marc Lamberti, Head of Customer Education at Astronomer and popular Udemy instructor, co-hosts the show. Marc's experience in data engineering, combined with his commitment to educating the Airflow community, ensures that listeners will walk away with actionable knowledge and strategies to optimize their workflow management systems.

What to Expect

”The Data Flowcast” will release weekly episodes where Kenten and Marc delve into the intricacies of Airflow, exploring its real-world applications in data engineering and AI. Each episode will feature conversations with leading minds in the Airflow community, offering practical insights and innovative ideas to enhance your workflows.

Listeners can anticipate episodes covering a range of topics, from the latest updates and features of Airflow to best practices for implementation and scaling. Whether you’re a manager, team lead, or practitioner, this podcast is designed to provide valuable perspectives that can be directly applied to your projects.

The First 3 Episodes Feature:

Why Tune In?

  • Stay Updated: Keep up with the latest developments and trends in the Airflow ecosystem.
  • Gain Insights: Learn from experts and practitioners who are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with Airflow.
  • Enhance Skills: Discover best practices and strategies to leverage Airflow for your data workflows and AI applications.

How to Listen

”The Data Flowcast” is available on all major podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Episodes will also be available on YouTube for those who prefer a visual experience.

Join the Conversation

We invite everyone in the Airflow community to join us on this journey. Whether you’re new to Airflow or a seasoned user, “The Data Flowcast” offers something for everyone. Subscribe today and take your Airflow knowledge to the next level.

For more details and to stay updated on the latest episodes, visit The Data Flowcast.

Kenten and Marc are excited to embark on this new adventure and look forward to sharing their passion and knowledge with you. Don’t miss out on the latest insights and tips to master Airflow for data engineering and AI—tune in to “The Data Flowcast” now!

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