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A space filled with end users and core contributors, the Airflow community is designed for data practitioners to learn, grow, and connect. With over 33,000 members on Slack, more than 2500 contributors, and meetups happening all over the world-- the Airflow community is second to none.


Unlock the collective wisdom of 32,000+ Airflow enthusiasts worldwide, united by a shared passion for data mastery

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Grow your Airflow skills to create powerful, scalable, and reliable data pipelines following best practices at ease.

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Get your urgent questions answered in real-time by Airflow experts tasked with making your data journey more efficient and enjoyable.

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Learn from data professionals at the top of their game about all things Airflow. From best practices to in-depth use cases.

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Save time for your organization, your future self, and other analytics engineering teams by packaging up your commonly used macros and models.


dbt and Airflow are better together. Run your dbt project as an Airflow task group and get full visibility into every single dbt task with the industry's leading tool for data transformations.

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Astro SDK

Astro SDK allows rapid and clean development of {Extract, Load, Transform} workflows using Python and SQL, powered by Apache Airflow.

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Apache Airflow

A platform to programmatically author, schedule, and monitor workflows.

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