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Regain confidence in your data pipelines.

As an orchestration platform built on top of Airflow, Astro adds enhanced integrations with hundreds of third-party data services and infrastructure tools, while remaining 100% upstream compliant with Airflow.

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A scheduler that never goes down.

Create Airflow environments with a click of a button and manage DAGs, users, logs, alerts, and version upgrades in a single place. All on secure, reliable infrastructure that you don’t need to worry about. So that you can run DAGs reliably, at scale.

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Write DAGs faster.

Delight your developers with notebook and command-line interfaces that make it easy to write DAGs, deploy changes, and automate testing your data before it hits production. So that you can develop faster, safer.

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Run Airflow the right way.

Take down tech-debt and learn how to drive Airflow best practices from the experts behind the project. Get world-class support, fast-tracked bug fixes, and same-day access to new Airflow versions.

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Common Migration Paths and Resources

From Amazon Web Service's Managed Workflows for Apache Airflow (MWAA)

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From Google Cloud's Cloud Composer

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From Apache Oozie Workflow Scheduler for Hadoop

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Airflow is the de facto standard for workflow management, with more than 1,200 community supported building blocks that simplify integration with a variety of data services within your data pipelines.

Astro, the fully managed orchestration platform powered by Airflow, extends support for the most popular data services integrations, with increased hardening, resilience, and support for OpenLineage — no code changes required. And it offers built-in support for single sign-on, CI/CD and secrets management from a common control plane.

Real ROI from Astro

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reduction in task scheduling delays


increased task compute efficiency


reduction in time to develop, test, and launch new pipelines

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