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The Future of AI in Data Engineering With Astronomer’s Julian LaNeve and David Xue

The world of data orchestration and machine learning is rapidly evolving, and tools like Apache Airflow are at the forefront of these changes. Understanding how to effectively utilize these tools can significantly enhance data processing and AI model deployment.

This episode features Julian LaNeve, CTO at Astronomer, and David Xue, Machine Learning Engineer at Astronomer. They delve into the intricacies of data orchestration, generative AI and the practical applications of these technologies in modern data workflows.


Key Takeaways:

(01:51) The pressure to engage in the generative AI space.

(02:02) Generative AI can elevate data utilization to the next level.

(02:43) The transparency issues with commercial AI models.

(04:27) High-quality data in model performance is crucial.

(06:40) Running new models on smaller devices, like phones.

(12:19) Fine-tuning LLMs to handle millions of task failures.

(16:54) Teaching AI to understand specific logs, not general passages, is a goal.

(21:56) Using Airflow as a general-purpose orchestration tool.

(22:00) Airflow is adaptable for various use cases, including ETL and ML systems.


Resources Mentioned:

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