Astronomer Astro Apache Airflow on Microsoft Azure Services Native ISV

Unlock Seamless Airflow Workflow Orchestration on Azure

Experience a stress-free approach to Airflow workflow deployment and management in Azure with our fully-managed solution.

Discover a new level of power with Astro on Azure

As an Azure-native service, Astro simplifies the entire process of getting started, deploying, and managing Airflow.

Deliver data on time
and at scale

Fine-tune your orchestration environment for optimal performance with a wide range of scheduler and worker configurations exclusively available through Astro. With built-in autoscaling, Astro automatically adapts to your workload, ensuring reliability and cost efficiency at all times.

Secure your data with Private Networking in Azure

Ensure the highest level of security and privacy for your data orchestration with Astro’s unique private networking capabilities. As a native solution to your Azure environment, Astro establishes a secure and controlled data ecosystem, providing you with peace of mind and complete data protection.

Unify data across cloud providers and environments

Empower your teams to effortlessly build, run, and grow data pipelines that integrate data from diverse sources distributed across multiple cloud providers and environments. Astro ensures that your pipelines deliver reliable data, on time.

Simplify integration
and setup

Enjoy the convenience of 1-click signup and seamless integration tailored to your existing Azure ecosystem. Plus, Astro automatically utilizes your existing Azure credits, saving you money while simplifying your operations.

Get started with Astro on Azure

Use the best of Astro and Azure together

Enhance your data analytics and data operations by seamlessly connecting Astro to your existing Azure Services.

Accelerate your workflow development

Easily discover and access Azure-compatible operators, hooks, and modules to modernize your data stack.

Using Astro's Apache Airflow offering on Azure has modernized our data operations. Their best-in-class SLAs, multi-environment deployments, and intuitive dashboards have streamlined our processes, ensuring we can manage our critical pipelines.

Kevin Schmidt

Sr Manager, Data Engineering

Molson Coors Beverage Company

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