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Discover how Astro, a fully managed service for Apache Airflow, can help you effectively manage and streamline your data pipelines for optimal efficiency and productivity.

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To maximize the benefits of Airflow,
you need Astro

Astro can upgrade Airflow in place, with zero downtime.

Astro’s deployment and pipeline health monitoring tools can speed up RCA and bug fixing.

Create a local development environment, run tests, and push code to production from your terminal.

Astro enables self-serve, multi-tenant Airflow with push-button isolated runtimes, RBAC, and organization policy controls.

Astro simplifies pipeline failure and task duration by alerting directly from the UI.

A scheduler that never goes down.

Create Airflow environments with a click of a button and manage DAGs, users, logs, alerts, and version upgrades in a single place. All on secure, reliable infrastructure that you don’t need to worry about. So that you can run DAGs reliably, at scale.

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Write DAGs faster.

Delight your developers with notebook and command-line interfaces that make it easy to write DAGs, deploy changes, and automate testing your data before it hits production. So that you can develop faster, safer.

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Run Airflow the right way.

Take down tech-debt and learn how to drive Airflow best practices from the experts behind the project. Get world-class support, fast-tracked bug fixes, and same-day access to new Airflow versions.

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Our Customers Love Us

"The productivity we get with Astro and the Airflow experts at Astronomer saves Red Ventures more than $500k each year."

Jason Rich, Director of Data Engineering,
Red Ventures