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The Power of Airflow in Modern Data Environments at Wynn Las Vegas with Siva Krishna Yetukuri

Understanding the critical role of data integration and management is essential for driving business success, particularly in a dynamic environment like a luxury casino resort.

In this episode, we sit down with Siva Krishna Yetukuri, Cloud Data Architect at Wynn Las Vegas, to explore how Airflow and other tools are transforming data workflows and customer experiences at Wynn Las Vegas.

Key Takeaways:

(02:00) Siva designs and builds cutting-edge data pipelines and architectures.

(02:54) Wynn is building a data platform to drive surveys and marketing strategies.

(05:00) Airflow is the backbone of data ingestion, curation and integration.

(07:00) Custom operators in Airflow enhance monitoring and reporting.

(09:00) Excitement surrounds the use of Airflow 2.9 and its new features.

(08:32) A metadata database drives Airflow workflows and captures metrics.

(12:31) Understanding Airflow fundamentals in layman’s terms simplifies complexity.

(16:33) Transitioning from Control-M to Airflow eases building complex workflows.

(24:06) ML models for volume and freshness anomalies improve data quality.

(20:15) DAGs are often auto-generated, simplifying the process for engineers.

Resources Mentioned:

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