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How Vibrant Planet's Self-Healing Pipelines Revolutionize Data Processing

Discover the cutting-edge methods Vibrant Planet uses to revolutionize geospatial data processing and resource management.

In this episode, we delve into the intricacies of scaling geospatial data processing and resource allocation with experts from Vibrant Planet. Joining us are Cyrus Dukart, Engineering Lead, and David Sacerdote, Staff Software Engineer, who share their innovative approaches to handling large datasets and optimizing resource use in Airflow.


Key Takeaways:

(00:00) Inefficiencies in resource allocation.

(03:00) Scientific validity of sharded results.

(05:53) Tech-based solutions for resource management.

(06:11) Retry callback process for resource allocation.

(08:00) Running database queries for resource needs.

(10:05) Importance of remembering resource usage.

(13:51) Generating resource predictions.

(14:44) Custom task decorator for resource management.

(20:28) Massive resource usage gap in sharded data.

(21:14) Fail-fast model for long-running tasks.


Resources Mentioned:

Cyrus Dukart

David Sacerdote

Vibrant Planet

Apache Airflow



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