Airflow Upgrades

Securely and confidently upgrade to the latest version of Airflow.

Achieve smooth transitions with zero downtime.

Unlock the latest in Airflow with confident upgrades and seamless rollbacks on Astro.

Test Airflow upgrades with the Astro CLI

The Local Upgrade Test command in the Astro CLI eliminates upgrade pains and ensures safe upgrades. It allows you to confidently identify and resolve compatibility issues and DAG import errors.

In-Place Upgrades and Rollbacks

Don't spend months migrating DAGs and upgrading Airflow. On Astro, you can upgrade in-place and eliminate downtime with just one line of code. We know that the fear of potential disruptions holds teams back from upgrading and experiencing new features. Upgrade with confidence, knowing that you can revert to a known healthy state if need be.

Day-0 Support

Take advantage of new Airflow features and critical bug fixes as soon as they're available. Astro supports every new version of Airflow the same day it is released. This lets you move faster and experience the best of Airflow with the assurance of hardened security and reliability.

A message from the Astro team

Why is it important to keep Airflow up to date?

Access to new features and improvements

Airflow is continually improving. Enhance your day-to-day experience by leveraging the newest features and improvements offered by Airflow. New features may include fresh changes to the Airflow UI, more data-driven scheduling options DAGs, support for new task types, and more.

Notable features in recent Airflow versions include:

Address bug fixes and apply security patches

Secure your environments with the latest bug fixes and security patches. Security patches improve overall stability, fix issues with specific tasks, and protect against potential vulnerabilities that could compromise system security. Astronomer continuously checks for available security fixes for all software used in Astro Runtime (Astronomer's distribution of Apache Airflow) and is committed to delivering these fixes in a timely manner.

Ensure compatibility with other tools in the ecosystem

Assure compatibility with other tools and platforms that are critical to your workflow. For example, new versions of Airflow may include updates to improve integration with cloud services or data storage platforms, which can help simplify workflow management and increase efficiency.

Get continuous community support

The Airflow community is constantly working to improve the platform, fix bugs, and add new features. Access to the latest community support can be invaluable for troubleshooting issues and staying up-to-date with the latest best practices.

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