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Develop ML Pipelines with the Astro Cloud IDE

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  • George Yates
  • Kenten Danas

In this webinar, we’ll show how the Astro Cloud IDE is the easiest way to develop and test your ML pipelines and schedule them with Airflow.

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Past Webinars

How to test and debug your Airflow connections

We’ll dive into the easiest ways to test and debug your Airflow connections. We’ll show how the new `dag.test()` function allows you to test connections without even running Airflow, how new Airflow UI features make testing connections faster, and how to solve common issues that arise when working with connections.

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4 Things To Consider When Deciding How to Run Airflow

Teams can run Airflow themselves, go with a managed infrastructure option like MWAA and GCC, or choose Astro. Whether you’ve been running Airflow in production for years or if you’re just thinking about the right Airflow strategy is for your team, we’ll go through all the options available.

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How to Automate and Scale Data Ingestion with Fivetran and Airflow

In this webinar, we’ll dive into the newly updated Fivetran provider and discuss the benefits of using Airflow and Fivetran together for your ELT pipelines. We’ll cover how to implement the available Fivetran operators to orchestrate sync jobs, how to leverage asynchronous functionality for cost savings, and how to use lineage generated from Fivetran tasks to get insight into your data pipelines.

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