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Streamlining Data Pipelines with An Airflow Journey, a leading AI-powered content optimization platform, faced scale challenges as their data pipeline grew using Apache Airflow. Learn how Sophi optimized their data pipelines after migrating from Amazon Managed Workflows for Apache Airflow (MWAA) to Astronomer and dramatically improved their data pipeline scalability and reliability.

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Past Webinars

Using the new Fivetran provider

With more than 30,000 downloads per month, the Fivetran provider for Airflow is incredibly popular. Using Fivetran and Airflow together gives users the benefits of first-class orchestration, pipelines as code, and automated ELT processes.

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Organizing Your Airflow Project Code with the Astro CLI

One of the benefits of Airflow is having pipelines as Python code, which lets you treat your data pipelines like any other piece of software. In this “Live with Astronomer” session, we’ll dive into how to use the open-source Astro CLI to effectively manage your Airflow project code so you can share code with your team, test DAGs before you deploy them, keep your code organized for easy reviews, and more.

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Data-Aware Scheduling with the Astro Python SDK

Live with Astronomer dives into implementing data-aware scheduling with the Astro Python SDK. The new Airflow Datasets feature allows you to schedule DAGs based on updates to your data and easily view cross-DAG relationships. This feature is part of the Astro Python SDK, so it requires almost no effort from the DAG author to implement. We'll show you everything you need to do (and don't need to do) to take advantage of Datasets.

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Running Airflow Tasks in Isolated Environments

Running tasks in a separate environment can help you avoid common data pipeline issues, like dependency conflicts or out-of-memory errors, and it can save resources. Airflow DAG authors have multiple options for running tasks in isolated environments. In this webinar, we'll cover everything you need to know.

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How to Migrate from Oozie to Airflow: A Guided Walkthrough

Migrating between orchestrators can be a difficult process fraught with technical and organizational hurdles. However, the end result of applying Airflow’s orchestration capabilities is worth the effort, and working with the right partner can make this journey much easier. In this webinar, we’ll cover everything you need to know about migrating from Oozie to Airflow.

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