Transform Data in your Data Warehouse by Orchestrating SQL-based dbt Models in Astro

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Astro + dbt

Orchestrate dbt models with Astro, the modern data orchestration platform powered by Apache Airflow. Astro offers easy integration thanks to the dbt Cloud provider. Leverage Astro’s scheduling and observability capabilities while making use of dbt’s transformation models.


About dbt

dbt is an open-source library for analytics engineering that helps users build interdependent SQL models for in-warehouse data transformation. It has become a key component of the modern data engineering workflow thanks to data warehouses like Snowflake with ephemeral compute. Use dbt to write, organize, and run in-warehouse transformations of raw data.


Use Case

Executing dbt models as Airflow DAGs is a common ELT implementation pattern. With Astro, running dbt models is reliable, scalable, and flexible. Astro gives you fine-grained control over dbt tasks such that your team has observability over every step in your dbt models.

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