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Streamlining Data Pipelines with An Airflow Journey, a leading AI-powered content optimization platform, faced scale challenges as their data pipeline grew using Apache Airflow. Learn how Sophi optimized their data pipelines after migrating from Amazon Managed Workflows for Apache Airflow (MWAA) to Astronomer and dramatically improved their data pipeline scalability and reliability.

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4 Things To Consider When Deciding How to Run Airflow

Teams can run Airflow themselves, go with a managed infrastructure option like MWAA and GCC, or choose Astro. Whether you’ve been running Airflow in production for years or if you’re just thinking about the right Airflow strategy is for your team, we’ll go through all the options available.

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How to Automate and Scale Data Ingestion with Fivetran and Airflow

In this webinar, we’ll dive into the newly updated Fivetran provider and discuss the benefits of using Airflow and Fivetran together for your ELT pipelines. We’ll cover how to implement the available Fivetran operators to orchestrate sync jobs, how to leverage asynchronous functionality for cost savings, and how to use lineage generated from Fivetran tasks to get insight into your data pipelines.

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How to Improve Data Quality with Airflow's Great Expectations Operator

In this webinar, Airflow Engineering Advocate Benji Lampel will demonstrate the new features of the Great Expectations Operator, which make Great Expectations more Airflow-centric and simpler to use. The latest set of releases under the new repository hosted by Astronomer provides some dramatic changes, including a default Checkpoint feature. The webinar will feature a demo of the new operator and how to use these features.

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How to Save Money using Airflow’s asynchronous Azure operators

Many Azure users leverage Airflow for best-in-class orchestration of their Azure services. Recent updates to the Azure provider have brought greater functionality and new Airflow features to Azure operators. In this “Live with Astronomer” session, we’ll dive into the newly developed asynchronous Azure operators that offer cost savings and greater scalability. We’ll show how with only small updates to your DAGs, you can take advantage of asynchronous functionality when orchestrating services like Azure Data Factory and Azure Databricks.

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