What’s new in Airflow 2.9

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  • Kenten Danas
  • Tamara Fingerlin
  • Marc Lamberti

The Apache Airflow project continues to move forward at a fast pace, matching innovation in the data ecosystem. The release of Airflow 2.9 brings numerous features, improvements, and bug fixes that enhance functionality for data engineering and data science workflows.

In this webinar, we cover all the significant 2.9 updates that you won’t want to miss. We spend extra time on updates that expand the functionality of some of Airflow’s most widely used features, including new data-aware scheduling capabilities, dynamic task mapping updates, and enhancements to the new ObjectStorage feature.

To try Airflow 2.9 for yourself, start a free Astro trial. You can find the full release notes here, and the code shown in the webinar here.

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