How to orchestrate Azure Data Factory jobs with Airflow

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  • Kenten Danas
  • Reshmi Sriram

Azure Data Factory (ADF) is a cloud-based data integration solution that allows you to create low-code jobs that seamlessly integrate with other Azure services. ADF is user-friendly and widely adopted in the Azure ecosystem. With a little preparation, ADF can be used in combination with Airflow to get full orchestration capabilities as well as easy integration with tools outside of Azure.

In this webinar, we’ll cover everything you need to know about using Airflow and ADF together, including best practices for orchestrating ADF pipelines with Airflow, how to leverage Airflow features to make your ADF pipelines dynamic, and how to get started running Airflow in production on Azure.

You can find the code shown in the demo here. Go here to try Astro on Azure.

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