Best practices for managing Airflow across teams

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  • Bas Harenslak
  • Kenten Danas

One of the biggest strengths of Apache Airflow is its ability to scale to meet the changing demands of your organization, regardless of use case. But going from running a single Airflow instance to managing multiple Airflows to support different teams isn’t always straightforward.

At Astronomer, our managed Airflow SaaS offering, Astro, runs over 100 million Airflow tasks per month. In building this system, we’ve learned a thing or two about how to provide Airflow as a service.

In this webinar, we cover best practices for running Airflow at scale in production so you can provide your teams with a robust, reliable Airflow service, including topics like automation, dashboarding and reporting, and workspace-level alerting. To try the Astro features shown in this webinar, start a free trial.

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