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A world of breakthrough awaits.
Thanks to the rise of machines.

Our machines are engineered
for data routing.

Astronomer’s platform connects and centralizes data, making it super simple for anyone from business users to data scientists to quickly create and monitor data pipelines across the entire organization.

Move your data: From any source. To any Destination. In real-time.
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Send customer data anywhere.

Track every step a customer makes across your website or app by collecting clickstream data. Then broadcast it to your analytics tools, dashboard, data warehouse or other destination. With Astronomer's simple interface, you can add or switch services anytime and test out multiple tools.


Extract, transform and ship data anywhere.

ETL your data from any source to any destination, in real-time. With Astronomer's complex data infrastructure, even unstructured or hard-to-reach data can be automatically connected to other data sets and centralized into one actionable body of information.


What Sets Astronomer Apart

Agile Technology

On your private cloud, or ours, you can connect analytics tools, perform automatic transforms, capture data from a third party—or all of the above. Astronomer’s platform is elastic, built to fit any data routing need, and scale with you.

Any Data, On Demand

Add integrations to any destination data system, including custom or private destinations, and collect data from any source, including third party, customer and firewalled data silos. Regardless of the source or contract size, data flows in real-time.

Own Your Data

Data flows through Astronomer, undergoing constant monitoring and regular upgrades, but you maintain full ownership and control. You even have access to monitor and modify your own data pipelines, if desired (though part of our deal is doing it for you).

Machines + Humans Approach

All data is handled by our platform, which means it’s encrypted at rest and in motion, ensuring maximum security. But to make sure your questions are answered and you have all the data you need, an entire Customer Success team (of humans) is dedicated to your organization.

See how some companies are revolutionizing their business with data routing.


Astronomer's Core

To explore in-depth technical information, visit our DataRouter page. That's how we like to refer to our the heart of our platform, the data infrastructure—or DNA—of everything we do.

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