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Some say machines are taking over.
We say we’re better together.

On the brink of total automation, we still need a human touch.

The humans of Astronomer are here for you. We're entirely dedicated to customer success.

Hatch A Plan


The Astronomer Solutions Directors are typically your first point of contact. They introduce you to the platform, help you to identify some “quick wins” and develop an implementation plan for the Astronomer solution(s) you need. Then Solutions Architects map out a specific action plan to get your data moving.

Get the ball rolling

Get Rolling


With a plan in place, Astronomer Data Engineers modify integrations and data pipelines as necessary to make it happen. Their goal: get your data moving, and keep it moving. With intelligent workflows and automatic scheduling, they monitor the ongoing flow of data.

Crush It


Customer Success

Your new best friends, Customer Success provides dedicated direct support, benchmarks deliverables, and develops and deploys all requests and improvements They’re your go-to for all things Astronomer and data routing.

Everything at Astronomer happens for the most important humans of all: our customers.


Oh, and we should probably mention our stealth team: Data Propulsion Labs.

For one-off or never-been-done-before projects, we’ve got Data Propulsion Labs. It’s kind of like a playground for our Data Analysts and Data Scientists. If you're curious, ask us how companies are leveraging this team.


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