Apache Airflow on Kubernetes is here.

Astronomer Enterprise allows you to collect, process, and route data from any Kubernetes deployment - public or private.

Meant for monitoring

Deployable on any cluster running Kubernetes, we’ve built out pre-configured Docker containers with a full monitoring and scaling stack that includes Celery, Flower, Prometheus, StatsD, and Grafana.

Optimized for security

Stay on your own cloud and deploy securely without having to worry about exposing data to cloud-based data routers. Hold sensitive data private while leveraging third-party analytics and automation tools.

Built for developers

Astronomer Enterprise is made for open-source software developers. Take advantage of our rich CLI and API without having to deal with a hard-to-navigate GUI. Plus, route any and all data.


We built out pre-configured Docker containers with Celery as well as a group of complementary tools for metrics and monitoring. The Astronomer Airflow module consists of seven components, and all you have to do is bring your own Postgres and Redis database.

The Full Package.

World-class developer experience

Astronomer caters to the needs and desires of modern open-source developers with lightweight tools, a rich CLI and API, and no requirement to use an inflexible and confusing GUI.

Secure deployment and monitoring

Secure deployment and flexible monitoring ensures that you get both metrics and alerting out of the box, with the opportunity to plug in your own enterprise monitoring systems.

Work with data of any velocity

There are valid use cases for batch, near-real-time, and true real-time workloads, and data teams need to support all velocities.

Works with data anywhere

Proliferation of SaaS silos and internal straddling of cloud/on-prem environments means that data teams must be prepared to work with data that is anywhere.

Usage of Astronomer Enterprise Edition requires a purchased license key from Astronomer, which you can get by us. We have a flexible pricing philosophy, and will establish a price that aligns with your value.

We make DAG Deployment easy

Astronomer Enterprise makes it easy to deploy pre-configured containers to Kubernetes. Plus, we give you a CLI to deploy DAGs through a private Docker registry that interacts with the Kubernetes API.

Ready to get started?

Contact sales for questions about licensing and how to leverage Astronomer for your enterprise.

Not ready for Enterprise?

Try out Astronomer Open and download our module on your own machine with no strings attached.