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Apache Airflow in Business

A free ebook for data leaders, covering all you need to know about the value of Apache Airflow in business. We’ve gathered an exclusive collection of interviews, case studies, and stories told by industry experts and Astronomer partners.

  • Herman Miller created a centralized data platform and managed to remove data silos.
  • Societe Generale delivered more than 150 production infrastructures by using Airflow to orchestrate provisioning.
  • Zapier built a robust model that allows for efficient remote ETL execution.
  • CRED produced 90+ DAGs in 6 months.
  • And more!

Leveraged by 1M+ data engineers and deployed by 1000s of companies as the unbiased data control plane, Airflow connects business with data processing fabric.

Apache Airflow is the industry-standard tool used to programmatically author, schedule and monitor your data pipelines. Created as an open-source project, today it’s considered the leading workflow orchestration solution.

This ebook is for decision-makers leading data initiatives and teams in organizations, from startups to large enterprises. Inside, you’ll find a unique perspective on how Apache Airflow functions in the business contexts—with a curated collection of projects, tech discussions and case studies that will give you an overview of how modern organizations implement and successfully leverage the power of data orchestration. Real numbers, technical details, statistics, challenges and lessons learned. All in one place!


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Mark Gergess

Mark Gergess

VP of Data & Analytics at Herman Miller

I love how my data science team has become self-sufficient and effective. Airflow made it very easy for them to get the data they need and manage it in a way that allows them to do their job quickly and efficiently.

Gautam Doulani

Gautam Doulani

Data Engineering Lead at CRED

I’ve worked with Airflow forever and so I love everything about it. As it’s built on Python, there’s literally no limit to what you can do.

Alaeddine Maaoui

Alaeddine Maaoui

Product Owner at Societe Generale

We chose Apache Airflow because it has an interesting UI, made with both developers and managers in mind.