Leveling Up: SciPlay's Journey with Managed Airflow in Gaming Data Orchestration

Leveraging Astro to Scale Operations, Drive Innovation, and Fuel Growth in the fast-paced Digital Gaming Industry

SciPlay, a leading developer and publisher of digital games on mobile and web platforms, faced significant challenges as it sought to expand its global portfolio of games. As part of its growth strategy, SciPlay required a robust solution to manage and expand its data operations efficiently, reduce risks associated with data handling, and empower its data teams to innovate and scale their operations. The solution came in the form of Astro, Astronomer’s fully-managed Airflow as a service platform designed to programmatically author, schedule, and monitor workflows.

Initial Challenges and Strategic Implementation

Initially, SciPlay’s primary challenge was gaining traction among teams outside of the data department to adopt Airflow. The company started using Airflow as an orchestration tool for ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) and data platform operations with the ambition of making it an enterprise-wide tool. This transition required time, training, and a strategic approach to demonstrate Airflow’s value across various departments, including marketing tech and R&D. Eventually, SciPlay successfully onboarded four different departments to use Airflow, marking a significant milestone in their data orchestration journey.

Goals and Solutions Provided by Airflow

SciPlay aimed to avoid managing its own Airflow deployments directly, preferring a managed service to reduce the operational load on its DevOps team. Another critical goal was to migrate all gaming data to a new, more reliable, and flexible data platform. Airflow facilitated these objectives by offering the ability to write code for complex dependencies and processes, which were limitations with their previous orchestration tools.

Astronomer offered features that enabled SciPlay to expand the tool’s adoption across teams and scale from managing thousands to over 100,000 tasks per month. The reliability, managed service aspect, and ease of use provided by Astro instilled confidence across teams, making it the go-to solution for data orchestration.

Expanding and Scaling with Airflow

The flexibility and scalability of Astro allowed SciPlay to onboard new teams rapidly, including the Central Technologies and Ad Tech groups. These teams could easily set up new pipelines to integrate with various ad providers and third-party platforms, significantly increasing the number of pipelines and the volume of data processed. This scalability was facilitated by Astronomer’s robust support and Airflow’s ability to manage complex dependencies seamlessly.

Moreover, the adoption of Astro led to the development of new data science workflows and real-time data pipelines that directly impacted game user experience and engagement. This strategic use of data has been integral to SciPlay’s ability to innovate within its gaming portfolio.

Outcomes and Business Impact

The implementation of Astro and the subsequent expansion of its use within SciPlay have had a profound impact on the company’s operational efficiency and its ability to scale data operations to meet growing business needs. The ability to onboard new games to the platform, explore new data-driven opportunities, and optimize game development processes has positioned SciPlay for sustained growth and success.

Furthermore, the flexibility offered by Airflow has enabled SciPlay to develop a variety of pipelines for different needs, including efficient data reporting and analytics through integrations with tools like Tableau. This has not only optimized data processes but also significantly improved data access and insights for decision-making.


SciPlay’s strategic use of Astro has transformed its approach to data orchestration, enabling the company to manage and expand its global game portfolio effectively, reduce operational risks, and empower its data teams. The flexibility, scalability, and reliability of Astro have been key to SciPlay’s success, demonstrating the potential of well-implemented data orchestration tools to drive business growth and innovation in the competitive digital gaming industry.


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