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DAGs: The Definitive Guide

A free ebook covering all you need to know about Apache Airflow DAGs.

  • What are DAGs
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Leveraged by 1M+ data engineers and deployed by 1000s of companies as the unbiased data control plane, Apache Airflow connects business with data processing fabric.

What is a DAG in Apache Airflow?

In Airflow, a DAG – or a Directed Acyclic Graph – is a collection of all the tasks you want to run, organized in a way that reflects their relationships and dependencies. Since Apache Airflow is 100% code, knowing the basics of Python is all it takes to get started writing DAGs. However, writing DAGs that are efficient, secure, and scalable requires some Airflow-specific finesse. Apache Airflow is the industry standard tool used to programmatically, author, schedule and monitor your data pipelines. Created by Airbnb as an open-source project, today it’s considered the leading workflow orchestration solution.


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Kenten Danas

Kenten Danas

Field Engineer at Astronomer

At Astronomer, we are huge enthusiasts of Apache Airflow, which is why we wanted to share our DAG knowledge with you. Treat this ebook as your go-to guide for everything DAG-related, and a comprehensive introduction to this crucial part of Airflow. We hope you love it!

Kaxil Naik

Kaxil Naik

Manager of Airflow Engineering, Founding team at Astronomer, Apache Airflow PMC Member & Core Committer

The best practices around writing DAGs are one of the crucial aspects of using Apache Airflow effectively and successfully. This ebook is a curated compilation of guides and learnings tackling all DAGs-related aspects coming straight from the practitioners! Enjoy!

Marc Lamberti

Marc Lamberti

Head of Customer Training at Astronomer

DAGs are an essential component of Apache Airflow, which is why we released not only the ebook, but also The Astronomer Certification: DAG Authoring for Apache Airflow! We’re very excited about bringing this high-quality content to you.