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Airflow 2.2: All You Need to Know

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  • Airflow's newest features explained: Customizable Timetables, Deferrable Operators, Standalone CLI Command, and more.
  • Business benefits of the new features.
  • Interview on The Future of Airflow with Ash Berlin-Taylor, Apache Airflow PMC member.
  • A short overview of Airflow-related free resources.

Leveraged by 1M+ data engineers and deployed by 1000s of companies as the unbiased data control plane, Apache Airflow connects business with data processing fabric.

The release of Airflow 2.2 is a very exciting milestone for the project. Built by the Apache Airflow OSS community, which includes many Astronomer team members, Airflow 2.2 significantly improves the DAG authoring experience. The new version is full of outstanding feature updates, which will impact Airflow-using companies by making resource management and data engineering considerably more efficient. Dig into our whitepaper to discover where Airflow is headed and the newest features, including Customizable Timetables, Deferrable Operators, a new standalone CLI command, and so much more!


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