Secrets Management in Airflow 2.0



Best practices for managing Secrets with various backends in Apache Airflow 2.0.

In this webinar we covered:

  • What are Airflow Secrets?
  • Types of Secrets
  • Airflow Metastore DB
  • Alternative Secrets Backend
  • Best Practices
  • And More...

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What are Airflow Secrets?

Secrets are sensitive information that are used as part of your DAG.

Types of Secrets:

  • Variables are a generic way to store and retrieve arbitrary content or settings as a simple key value store within Airflow.
  • Connections are information needed to connect to external systems. Must be stored in the format of a URL-encoded URI.
  • Configurations are Airflow Configurations that can be stored in your secrets backends.

Where are all the Secrets?

Environment Variables

  • Simple and easy to use, difficult to maintain.
  • No encryption built in.
  • Cannot access them from UI or the Airflow CLI.
  • Using them from Kubernetes secrets is safer.
  • Lives and dies with your Airflow deployment or its configuration.

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