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astro dev upgrade-test


The behavior and format of this command are the same for both Astro and Software.

Test your local Astro project against a new version of Astro Runtime to prepare for an upgrade. Specifically, this command will run the following tests:

  • Identify major and minor version changes of the Python packages in your upgrade version.
  • Identify DAG import errors that will appear after you upgrade.

See Test before upgrading your Astro project for more detailed information about usage and test results.


astro dev upgrade-test

By default, the command runs all three available tests on your project against the latest version of Astro Runtime.


OptionDescriptionPossible Values
-a, --airflow-versionThe equivalent of Airflow you want to upgrade to. The default is the latest available version. Note that the Astro CLI will still test against an Astro Runtime image based on the Airflow version you specify.Any valid Airflow version.
--build-secretsRun docker build --secret to mount a secret value to your Docker<your-secret-id>, src=<path-to-secret> . See Docker documentation.
-d, --dag-testOnly run DAG tests. These tests check whether your DAGs will generate import errors after you upgrade.None
-i, --deployment-idSpecify a Deployment ID to test with an image from an Astro Deployment instead of the image listed in your Astro project Dockerfile.Any valid Deployment ID.
-n, --image-nameA custom image with an upgraded image tag to test against. The CLI creates a new Dockerfile in your project named upgrade-test-<old version>--<new version>/Dockerfile that includes your upgraded image, then tests against that Dockerfile.A valid image URL
-v, --runtime-versionThe version of Astro Runtime you want to upgrade to. The default is the latest available version.Any valid Astro runtime version.
--use-astronomer-certifiedTest against an Astronomer Certified distribution of Airflow. Must be used with --airflow-version.None
--version-testOnly run version tests. These tests show you how the versions of your dependencies will change after you upgrade.None


  • Run all tests before upgrading to the latest version of Astro Runtime:

    astro dev upgrade-test
  • Test an Astro project file against a the Astro Runtime distribution of a Airflow 2.6.3:

    astro dev upgrade-test --airflow-version 2.6.3
  • Test only dependency version changes against the Astro Runtime distribution for Airflow 2.6.3:

    astro dev upgrade-test --airflow-version 2.6.3 --provider-check
  • Test a custom image for an upgrade to a custom versioned distribution of Astro Runtime:

    astro dev upgrade-test --image-name

    If you were upgrading from, for example, the Astro CLI creates a new Dockerfile located in upgrade-test-1.0.5--1.0.7/Dockerfile that contains the image you specified and tests against it.

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