Unlock the Power of Data Orchestration: Databricks + Astronomer Airflow

Discover the seamless synergy between Databricks and Apache Airflow, empowering you to supercharge your data orchestration and processing capabilities.

Proactively eliminate islands of data

Databricks and Astronomer’s Apache Airflow integration ensures your data is no longer siloed.

Effortlessly manage and orchestrate data flows including ingress and egress across various systems, providing a unified view of your data and enabling complete governance.

Build on an adaptable and infinitely extensible platform

With Astronomer, you gain access to a platform designed for flexibility and growth.

Adapt to changing requirements with ease, leveraging the robust capabilities of Apache Airflow and the scalability of Databricks.

Foster collaboration ensuring cohesive and efficient workflows

Encourage seamless collaboration across your teams by integrating Databricks with Astronomer's Airflow.

Simplify complex data processes, enhance transparency, and ensure that everyone from data engineers to analysts is aligned and productive.

Integrate securely and seamlessly

Set up a Databricks connection in Airflow to securely store your credentials. Once configured, Airflow efficiently manages Databricks jobs, ensuring proper sequencing and handling failures.

Utilize operators like DatabricksRunNowOperator and DatabricksSubmitRunOperator to trigger and manage Databricks jobs directly from Apache Airflow. Experience a smooth workflow with seamless communication between the two platforms.

Purchase via Databricks Marketplace

Astronomer is an official Databricks Partner, and Astro can be purchased through the Databricks Marketplace. Speed up the procurement process and consolidate billing.

And when purchased through the Databricks Marketplace, Astro even counts toward your committed spend for both your license and infrastructure.

Key Benefits

  • Enhanced Efficiency: Streamline your data workflows with automated and powerful task scheduling and execution.
  • Scalability: Scale your use of data effortlessly and efficiently with the combined power of Databricks and Airflow to connect to your entire data ecosystem.
  • Security: Ensure your data remains secure with robust security and credential management.

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Unlock the full potential of your data orchestration and processing capabilities with the powerful combination of Databricks and Astronomer’s Apache Airflow. Transform your data operations and drive actionable insights effortlessly.

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