Astro API

Automate Airflow management and integrations at scale.

Enhance operational efficiency, reduce risk associated with manual effort, and automate the integration of platform data with custom tooling.

Standardize and simplify data exchange.

Leverage the Astro API, a standard REST API, to build applications and scripts for seamless interaction with Astro components.

Streamline operations across environments

  • Automate provisioning and management of Airflow resources
  • Reduce manual processes to minimize human error
  • Enable quick setup and teardown of projects

Flexible CI/CD integrations

  • Enable easy integrations with third-party services
  • Create and integrate with custom tooling
  • Accelerate development cycle to facilitate integration of services

Empower data access and customization

  • Tailor data pipelines according to specific requirements
  • Interact with data dynamically to optimize resources
  • Automate operations to manage cost

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