Astronomer Achieves Exceptional Company Growth Driven by Astro, the Apache Airflow-Powered Platform, and Relocates HQ to New York City

New York, New York - February 13 - Today, Astronomer, the leader in modern data orchestration, announced a 292% year-over-year growth in revenue for Astronomer’s Astro, its Apache Airflow-powered platform. Astro empowers organizations worldwide to deliver data on time with the speed and scale their applications demand, with notable clients including Condé Nast, Electronic Arts, Autodesk, and FanDuel. The platform has successfully executed over 1 billion tasks to date, reflecting a remarkable 1,774% year-over-year increase. This milestone highlights the unmatched scale Astro delivers for customers.

Moreover, Apache Airflow downloads have surged to 30 million a month, demonstrating a robust 68% year-over-year growth. Airflow surpassed Apache Spark and Apache Kafka with over 2,700 contributors making it one of the most successful Apache projects of all time.

“As Apache Airflow powers more and more critical business applications, demand for data uptime becomes a priority. Astro ensures this for our customers,” said Andy Byron, CEO of Astronomer. “We’re proud to support teams throughout their data and Airflow journeys and our recent growth is a testament to our teams’ ability to strengthen our platform, expand integrations, and create a seamless user experience.”

Last year, Astronomer announced multiple product innovation updates including:

A recent Forrester Total Economic Impact study found that Astro customers saw:

  • 438% ROI with payback in under 6 months
  • 45% reduced Airflow cloud computing infrastructure costs
  • 75% less infrastructure management workload
  • 70% less critical downtime
  • 92% faster issue resolution in noncritical services

As Astronomer embarks on its next phase of growth, the company has inaugurated its new headquarters in the heart of New York City at 50 West 23rd Street. Reflecting the company’s commitment to innovation and cutting-edge technology, this relocation from Cincinnati to New York City aims to foster collaboration and creativity in a forward-thinking environment.

“Our customers and open-source user base come from a variety of backgrounds and industries, and New York lets us engage with them much better,” said Julian LaNeve, CTO of Astronomer. “Access to talent is another major reason for the move. New York’s tech scene is really vibrant, and as we continue to grow the team, access to local talent is crucial.”

Astronomer’s recent momentum was further supported in December when the company was named one of CRN’s Hottest Big Data Startups of 2023, alongside other leaders in the industry.

Learn more about Astronomer’s modern data orchestration platform and download the Forrester Total Economic Impact study to learn more about how Astro delivers a 438% ROI for customers.

About Astronomer

Astronomer designed Astro, a modern data orchestration platform, powered by Apache Airflow™. Astro enables companies to place Airflow at the core of their data operations, providing ease of use, scalability, and enterprise-grade security, to ensure the reliable delivery of mission-critical data pipelines. For more information, visit

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