Load and Transform Data in Snowflake in a Scalable, Observable, and Cost-Effective Way

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Astro + Snowflake

Orchestrate data transformations in your Snowflake data warehouse with Astro, the cloud-native data orchestration platform powered by Apache Airflow. Astro provides an easy Snowflake integration that helps you build pipelines faster, run at scale with confidence, and make sense of your entire data ecosystem, without vendor boundaries. With Astro’s integrated development tools, you can even build ELT pipelines without any boilerplate Python code and make orchestrating Snowflake queries more accessible for all data practitioners.


About Snowflake

Snowflake is widely used to store large quantities of data by organizations across industries. Benefit from breaking down data silos and have all your data readily accessible to Astro in a central place. By combining Snowflake with Astro, you get a home for your data that is scalable and well-structured, and offers powerful resources to run complex queries at record speed.


Use Case

Implementing modern ELT patterns that leverage the power of Snowflake’s compute is one of the most common use cases for data orchestration. Astro allows you to run your Snowflake queries with built-in async support and lineage collection. Take all this to a new level with the Astro SDK, a next-generation tool to author your Snowflake DAGs with no boilerplate code required. You’ll have real-time, operational understanding of your data warehouse integrated with your entire data platform.

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