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Load and Transform Data in a Reliable Google Cloud SQL Database with Astro

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Astro + Google Cloud SQL

Orchestrate operations on data in a fully managed Google Cloud SQL database with Astro, the modern data orchestration platform powered by Apache Airflow. Use specialized Cloud SQL operators from Airflow’s Google provider package to run database operations scheduled on upstream events in your entire data ecosystem. Thanks to Astro’s integrated development tools, you can orchestrate reliable operations in your Google Cloud SQL database using only SQL, making pipeline authoring accessible to a broad group of data practitioners.

Google Cloud SQL

About Google Cloud SQL

Google Cloud SQL is a managed solution built to store large quantities of relational data in Postgres, MySQL, and SQL Server databases. Seamlessly access data stored in Google Cloud SQL from Astro and run compute-intensive and scalable queries by integrating Astro with Google Cloud SQL.


Use Case

Use Google Cloud SQL’s support of performance-intensive workloads to orchestrate complex queries in your Astro environment. Reduce the overhead management cost by combining Google Cloud SQL and Astro, two fully managed data tools that free up time and let you focus on process optimization and business innovation.

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