Everything you Need to Know About Airflow 2.2

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In this informative webinar we will cover everything you need to know about Airflow 2.2. We'll go through all of the new features large and small, as well as show you how to leverage all of the new features and how you can get cleaner and more efficient DAGs as a result

New features of 2.2

  • Deferrable task framework (turn any task in to a super efficient asynchronous loop)
  • Customizable timetable interface to run DAGs exactly when you want (no more confusion about start date vs execution date)
  • Easily run python tasks in a separate docker container with the `@task.docker` decorator
  • Plus more

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Recap Preview

Airflow 2.2.0 is finally almost here! The new release combines two new big features and a whole lot of small quality of life improvements to make Airflow even more powerful, and also fixes some long-standing complaints.

Airflow 2.2.0 new features

AIP stands for Airflow Improvement Proposal. Any kind of big architectural change or a fundamental change to the way Airflow operates goes through the Airflow improvement proposal process and a vote. It ensures that the big fundamental changes get by in front of the community.

Hosted By

Ash Berlin-Taylor

Ash Berlin-Taylor

Director of Airflow Engineering

Ash has been a contributor to Airflow for almost four years and is a member of the Project Management Committee (a.k.a. the Core team) for almost as long. He was the Release Manager for much of the 1.10 release series and he also re-wrote the Scheduler internals to be highly-available and increase performance by an order of magnitude (AIP-15). Outside of Airflow he is the Director of Airflow Engineering at Astronomer.io where he runs the team of developers contributing to the open source Airflow project. In his free time he is the father of three children under the age of 3 which of course leaves him no time for anything else!