Global Retailer Standardizing On Airflow for Data-Driven Decisions

Global Retailer Standardizing On Airflow for Data-Driven Decisions

Learn how a global retailer managed to standardize the processes of scheduling data pipelines within the organization with Apache Airflow.

Ula Rydiger

Astronomer product values:

  • Increased developer productivity
  • Reduced Day-2 operations
  • Enforced enterprise standards to drive greater security posture while maintaining flexibility

As the global COVID-19 pandemic hit, companies around the world, particularly in retail, had to re-imagine doing business in new, innovative ways to attract consumers. It required them to seriously consider migration to the cloud, as well as redesign ways in which they’re leveraging data that enforce every decision.

Astronomer’s client, a major retailer, faced the same challenges. They had to find a repeatable, consistent standard for all the teams to operate from, to reduce the complexity of their data, so they could focus on making informed decisions for:

  • Inventory management
  • Supply chain fulfilment
  • Autostock shelving 
  • Sales and marketing expenses

Did you know: While total retail sales volumes fell by 1.9% in 2020 (the largest annual fall on record), online sales rose to a record high of 33.9% as a share of all retail spending.

The challenge

The client was moving a significant number of workloads from on-prem to the cloud. However, the process was not standardized among the teams. Being a global company, they needed to create one way of scheduling data pipelines within the organization. Without the standardization layer, with a home-grown legacy, less flexible and non-extensible solutions, it was hard for the teams to communicate with each other and perform tasks fast and efficiently. The teams would spend thousands of hours trying to make the systems work manually, risking making uninformed business decisions based on wrong data.

Did you know: Among the retail enterprises surveyed by Harvard Business Review and Snowflake, only 5% qualified as data-driven organizations.

The solution

Before approaching Astronomer and giving Apache Airflow a go, the retail giant had been using different schedulers and home grown solutions for different teams. Finally, they were introduced to Astronomer by industry experts as the right partner to leverage Apache Airflow and adjust it to their business needs. 

We helped the client migrate, stabilize, operationalize and integrate all their legacy workloads into the Astronomer platform. Now, the client has a way to drive a multi-tenant environment from a unified control plane, which enables any team in the world to spin up an Airflow environment on-demand tied to the company’s security, logging and monitoring.

Giving development teams a standard way to interact with data reduced the operational overhead necessary to support their environments. With Astronomer, the client increased developer productivity, reduced Day 2 Operations, and ultimately accelerated the pace of data-driven decision-making on a global basis.

Leverage the power of data!

Apache Airflow is an open source, Python-based, extensible, and flexible tool for data orchestration. But, it takes skill and time to implement. With Astronomer you can easily adopt Apache Airflow in your organization. Don’t worry about Airflow development, just focus on data!

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