An open framework for data lineage and observability.

OpenLineage makes data pipelines observable by automatically collecting and correlating detailed information about their operation and the movement of data within them.

Using OpenLineage, organizations can build observability into their data ecosystem. Integrating with Apache Airflow and other orchestration platforms, OpenLineage monitors the creation, movement, and transformation of datasets. The information collected by OpenLineage is essential for managing today’s distributed data environments, enabling engineers to quickly find, fix, and prevent complex operational issues.

Astro uses OpenLineage to trace the end-to-end journey of each dataset, consolidate quality metrics, and surface operational issues, helping to ensure the availability and trustworthiness of business-critical data.

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OpenLineage Design Principles

OpenLineage was created by data engineers who know what happens when a pipeline becomes too large for a single brain to comprehend, and is collaboratively developed by an open community that shares a common vision for the project. It is designed to be:


Navigating a large and complex pipeline becomes a whole lot easier once you have an up-to-date lineage graph that shows the flow of data among its various jobs, datasets, and systems. OpenLineage integrates directly with orchestration platforms and warehouses, observing data relationships as they are formed and ensuring teams can quickly determine the scope of emerging issues and respond with accuracy.

Platform agnostic

The collection of tools and platforms available to data engineers continues to grow, allowing them to do increasingly imaginative and powerful things with the data they collect. Lineage is the thread that ties it all together. OpenLineage provides a lingua franca for observation that spans today’s tools and — thanks to its flexibility — tomorrow’s as well.


OpenLineage is an open specification managed by an open community. Extensions can be created independently, and can easily become part of the core specification. The community is made up of members with diverse employers, skill sets, and locations, and is always looking for new voices and fresh ideas.

To learn more, check out this webinar, which covers the basics of OpenLineage and shows how it works together with Airflow to collect data lineage as tasks run.

Built on a strong and growing community of contributors.

Built on a strong and growing community of contributors.

Use Cases

The information collected by OpenLineage can be used for:

Find, fix, and prevent complex operational issues fast with OpenLineage.

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Integrations & Data Sources

Openlineage Integrations

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