Automate code changes with
built-in CI/CD.

Streamline code deployment, enhance collaboration, and ensure DevOps best practices with Astro's robust CI/CD capabilities.

Integrate CI/CD best practices directly from the Astro UI.

Unlock seamless integration with GitHub

  • Connect your Airflow Git repository with one click
  • Enhance collaboration with clear PR closure visibility
  • Associate development branches to development environments for painless testing

Effortlessly implement CI/CD workflows with Astro templates

  • Streamline deployment configurations with pre-built templates
  • Customize workflows to align with your team's specific needs
  • Easily integrate with popular CI/CD tools like GitLab, GitHub Actions, and Jenkins

Build custom CI/CD pipelines tailored to your organization

  • Use API tokens with different scopes to automate key parts of your development lifecycle
  • Ensure reliable, faster, and more secure deployments
  • Enforce CI/CD in your Airflow deployments to establish best practices

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