Store and Retrieve Objects with Google Cloud Storage in a Durable, Scalable, and Secure Way

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Astro + Google Cloud Storage

Orchestrate object storage in Google Cloud with Astro, the modern data orchestration platform powered by Apache Airflow. Astro provides a Google Cloud Storage (GCS) integration using the Google provider package. Leverage a full set of specialized Airflow operators to interact with objects in your Google Cloud Storage, secured with multiple redundancy options.

Google Cloud Storage

About Google Cloud Storage

Google Cloud Storage is one of the most commonly used solutions to store data in specialized storage classes optimized for your use case. Google Cloud Storage provides a scalable and secure option to store the data created through your Astro pipeline, no matter the format.


Use Case

Storing a variety of data objects, such as raw files ingested from various sources or logging information, is a common reason to combine Astro with Google Cloud Storage. With Astro, you can effortlessly orchestrate pipelines to start once a file lands in the Google Cloud in an asynchronous cost-effective way by using specialized deferrable operators to watch for changes. Thanks to Astro’s support of Airflow 2.4 it’s possible to use dataset-driven scheduling with GCS objects to further optimize your data pipelines.

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